What is Bolder Living After 50?


Fuel for the Heart and Mind.

Think of us as your personal online resource offering inspiration and ideas for enjoying life after 50.  Each week, we add new insights and thoughtful conversations about this exciting stage of life. We can even email you when new content is available so you don’t miss out on anything!

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The Big Idea

In this featured section, Bolder Living offers a thought-provoking idea to consider which just might ratchet up the quality of your life. Sometimes serious, sometimes lighter, the ideas put forth are all about making living better after 50. The Big Idea >>

Better ... Now

In this featured mini-section, Bolder Living presents thought starters for things you can do right now to make living after 50 more joyous, more fulfilling, more fun. Better ... Now >>

Words from the Wise

Bolder Living offers the best words from prominent thought leaders on living the life you want after 50. Words from the Wise >>